Doping means the process of using illegal drugs in order to increase stamina, strength and other performance-enhancing factors during sports activities. It’s used worldwide by many athletes in various sports.

Concerning dopping the Olympic Committee has set up strict regulations. There are many medicines banned by their ingredients. If any track of suspicious materials is found in the blood or urine, rewards can be taken away, athletes can be forbidden from participating certain sports events, and they may be forced to pay a fine.

The main reason of regulations is that they are in confrontation with the principles of fair play. Doping should not be allowed whilst there are honest players and athletes. It completely ruins the olympic spirit. Doping, cheating and violence can be well explained by the same umbrella term: unfair play.

Besides ethical, moral concerns, we have to mention their effects on health. Since drugs are made to boost certain positive factors and processes of our body, they might affect others’ function negatively. Back in the 70s GDR’s woman athletes have been experimenting with hormone-based drugs, so as a result secondary man characteristics have shown up on their bodies, such as chest hair, mustache and smaller breasts. Influencing nature’s essential processes always turns out to be a bad decision. Unwanted effects may emerge from the nothing. A wise old saying warns us to ‘Always expect the unexpected’ – it’s very appropriate in the case of dopping. After few years of outstanding, supernatural sports performance, your body gets more wretched than to be expected. I was thinking of movement problems only, but there is also a chance for cancer, and a wide spectrum of other sicknesses to be traced back to this obvious motive.

Doping may be a result of compliance constraint. For example hometown citizens may expect the athlete to bring a gold medal from the Olympiad. Or for selfish reasons to outstand from the grey everyday life and be celebrated as a star. However, it could not be made without enhancing drugs, but it’s a shame when the fact of cheating turns out.

According to my judgment, it’s not worthy. First of all it’s too risky for our future health, furthermore games cannot be well played without certain rules to follow. What would happen if my chess opponent decided that from now on his pawn could step three paces instead of one? I would sweep that pawn away with my queen which had just been resurrected at a position of my wish. And the entire game made no sense, just like another one in which cheating is not doing illegal moves, but using not allowed drugs.

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